Local Development Projects

We have been running uniquely innovative cultural projects for the artistic and cultural scene for several years. Our goal is to facilitate the development of local areas consistently with their history, and, above all, by respecting their peculiar environmental and cultural features, through services and projects aimed at making the best of their cultural heritage. We have gained a strong experience in strategic and museum planning, consulting and technical assistance, not only to public institutions, but also to all those organisations – including private ones – whose purpose is to promote cultural heritage and tourism in the public or collective interest. In these areas, we work to identify and promote homogeneous areas characterised by a strong local, historical-cultural and environmental identity. We do so by tapping all available – both tangible and intangible – cultural resources, including but not limited to artistic and quality crafts, typical agro-food products, and creative industries, with the help of highly qualified designers.

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New Technology, Promotion of Local Area, PNRR

We take an innovative and constantly evolving approach, using the latest technology to make complex content easily accessible, disseminate knowledge, and adapt different languages to different targets and media, while ensuring the accuracy of cultural content. In this way, we can follow through all the stages of multimedia equipment design and implementation: from concept definition, to the production of scientific and multimedia content, up to the final preparation of the venues.

We develop strategic enhancement plans, by identifying areas with a strong historical, cultural, and environmental identity, while research, applied analysis, and operational implementation methods are successfully integrated. We pay particular attention to supporting public administrations in applying for funds available under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), also through public-private partnerships.


A strong focus on financial sustainability and specific governance models is key to cultural heritage enhancement. We have always collaborated with public administrations in drafting feasibility studies on the management of historical, artistic, and environmental heritage, also with a view to implementing broader tourist itineraries. Our approach is applied not only to more complex projects  – such as UNESCO Management Plans, where a governance model must be developed as part of study and research work –,  but also when assessing the economic sustainability or the social and cultural impact of a specific project. We also work to support organisations in applying for international recognitions (i.e. UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites), or in bidding for designations by the Ministry of Culture (i.e. City of Culture).


Our activities, already mostly focused on the promotion and enhancement of cultural heritage in Italy, has more recently reached out to deal with some significant international contexts. For example, we are supporting one of the most important public art programmes in the world, currently being implemented in Saudi Arabia, and working on a project that has involved several international consortia for revamping and redesigning cultural tourism activities in Egypt.

By leveraging our experience and business network (i.e. curatorial, consulting, and production), we support urban regeneration actions with an artistic theme, which combine architecture, design, culture and innovation, taking up responsibilities for any subsequent operational management.


Syracuse Bidding for 2024 Italian City of Culture

A collaborative effort with the City of Syracuse and Federculture for drafting the bidding dossier of this city as “2024 Italian City of Culture”, through a strongly participatory project shared with the local community.

Auteur Tourist Guides

A multimedia itinerary to discover Enna’s surroundings, produced in collaboration with Mario Tozzi, Sergio Grasso, and Franco La Cecla, who have developed three different thematic itineraries on geology, food anthropology, and religious tradition. The routes, narrated by the three experts, are available on a website and through an App.

Setting up the New Fellini Museum in Rimini

We have contributed to the setting up of the Fellini Museum in Rimini dedicated to one of the greatest film directors of all time, with several multimedia set designs to be installed in two rooms of Castel Sismondo.