Museum Management

The main mission of Civita Mostre e Musei in managing museum services is to provide visitors with a unique and unforgettable experience.

The Group’s development strategies have contributed to Civita Mostre e Musei becoming a leading global player in this sector, ensuring the competent and effective management of an integrated range of key services: reception, ticketing, pre-sales, multilingual call centres, education, visitor assistance, bookshop management, cultural enhancement activities, and event organisation. At Civita we have highly specialist staff in each of our business areas, and well consolidated partnerships with leading organisations operating in cultural heritage management, both on a domestic and international level. Civita today is in charge of managing the museum services of important public institutions, from the Pinacoteca di Brera and the Castello Sforzesco in Milan, to the Parco Archeologico della Neapolis in Syracuse, as well as private ones, such as Gallerie d’Italia of Intesa Sanpaolo and the Lavazza Museum in Turin.

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Educational Activities

We offer innovative education experiences, with workshops and activities based on an integrated approach that combines cultural content, digital educational platforms, and emotional intelligence, in line with the European Commission’s digital education action plan.

With our approach to education, teachers can offer a new way of teaching to students through a fully participatory learning experience, as well as highly flexible activities tailored to the needs of individual classes. We are constantly designing workshops where multimedia technologies and hands-on experience are the keys to interactive and engaging learning. Our educational offer is also the result of well-established and dynamic collaborations with organisations, cultural institutions, and local administrations, for the development of cross-sectional projects dedicated to all types of visitors, with particular attention to visitors with special needs.


Preserving and having tangible memories of a pleasant experience is every visitor’s wish. Bookshops are thus the place where the masterpieces on display in the museums meet and dialogue with the contemporary creativity of craftsmen, designers, and art-creators for unique and limited edition products.

We manage several museum bookshops throughout Italy, with a strategic approach aimed at a strong specialisation and synergy of our sales outlets with collections and exhibition schedules, while concurrently reaching out to the city and to the international public, and at the same time keeping an exclusive and customised character of space design and product offerings.

Events and Sponsorisations

Cultural heritage can also be promoted and enhanced by collaborating with institutions and companies that are ready to hold initiatives and events in their locations with unique cultural value. We specialise in offering, organizing, and managing conferences and events for both businesses and entertainment in prestigious exhibition and monumental settings. We do so by offering the full range of services linked to the creation and management of an event, from concept design to logistics and personnel management.

Thanks to our experience and network of relations and contacts, we have become a reference point, within the cultural and artistic scene, for cultural institutions and businesses alike, for the organisation of events, workshops, conventions and corporate events, also as part of sponsoring activities and promoting corporate social and cultural responsibility.



The Pinacoteca di Brera is one of the most important cultural and research centres in Europe through their educational activities, workshops, and exclusive museum services managed by Civita. The Brera Museum is a privileged interlocutor connecting the city of Milan with many leading international cultural institutions.


The Castello Sforzesco is the symbol of Milan. Here, where tradition and innovation meet through a series of refined and exclusive exhibitions, Civita is in charge of some important museum services such as the bookshop.


The objective of Gallerie d’Italia in Milan, Naples, Vicenza and Turin, where Civita manages all museum services, is to promote activities designed to make art more enjoyable and accessible, and museums to become spaces for discussion and development and with close links to the local community.


The Lavazza Museum in Turin is an avant-garde multimedia centre, where new technological and edutainment tools provide an innovative approach to a highly immersive and sensory experience.


Neapolis Archaeological Park is an open-air museum, where the Greek theatre is undoubtedly the best-known monument, for the much celebrated classical plays that are staged here every year. Civita plays an important role in the park, by promoting high-brow cultural events and managing all the main museum services.


The Greek-Roman Theatre in Taormina, with its breathtaking views on both the Mount Etna and the Ionian Sea,is a unique historical and archaeological landmark and an iconic place in Sicilian cultural heritage. This majestic and scenic theater was built in the 3rd century BC by the Syracusan tyrant Hieron II and then rebuilt with a Roman layout in the 2nd century AD.  Here Civita is in charge of both the main museum services and the cultural promotion of this major tourist destination and the venue of important artistic and cultural events.


The Arethusa spring is one of the landmarks of the city of Syracuse. This place was made iconic both by myth and history and by its unique natural setting and scenic landscape, from which one can enjoy what Cicero described as “one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world”. The project developed by Civita Sicilia has made the site accessible with a visitor route and special audio guides dedicated to this fascinating body of fresh water, where Ortigia’s underground waters resurface.